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I Pretend To Forget Things.
August 30, 2006, 8:19 pm
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I think it embarrasses my wife. I sort of embarrass myself, but I continue. I pretend to forget things. Simple, un-important, day-to-day things like the name of a movie, the name of a street or what I had for dinner the night before. I do remember. I just pretend not to. There are times I will be at a restaurant, knowing exactly what I want to order, but when the waitress arrives at the table, something inside me wells up and I am forced to reach for the menu and point at the words on the page. I know how to read, I know what I want… I am pretending to forget.

I usually pride myself on having a decent memory, (except when it comes to names) but there is something about specific names of products that I refuse to “remember”. Movie titles and characters is a big one.

“Yeah, the other day we went to see… ahh, you know that movie, with ummm… the guy from The Office….”

By this time my wife, or someone else has chimed in and rescued me from actually having to release specific names and/or characters. Then I am free to conclude my comment on that specific thing. It’s stupid, but I won’t apologize because it’s not hurting anyone.


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you’re a nerd.

Comment by jimmy pop

i’m pretending to forget you said that.

Comment by Brody Harper

Bro….I knew all along that was a farce…It was always amazing that you could forget your entire childhood. But just another little quirky thing…
Love you. Mom

Comment by Anonymous

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