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November 7, 2006, 10:47 pm
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There is nothing better than being gone for eighteen days and being able to come home and spend the entire day inside, resting and playing with the small people I haven’t seen for nearly a month. This last stretch was the longest of the tour, and has spanned from Oklahoma City to California and back.

My wife and boys were able to visit me at the Louisville show, which made the final couple days more bearable. I have to leave tomorrow night for West Virginia and the beginning of the end. It will be the last run of the tour, but goes until the 14th. Of corse, most of you know that my wife is also due with our third little boy on the 12th, so I ask for your prayers for God’s perfect timing in me being able to get home, and her to be able to handle our other two boys for this week.

For now, I am enjoying watching my boys play, setting up their drum set in the office, and giving my wife a break. Six more shows, and I will be home for a while. I hope everyone has had fun learning useless information about all these cities, and enjoyed following me around the country. Hopefully I can find some other fun things about these remaining cities to finish out strong. Until then….


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I am glad that you are home and enjoying it. I hope Kristin is resting. We will be praying that this new little guy does not come on time and will come right when he is supposed to. Be sure to post pictures of him as soon as you can. I am so excited to see your new one.

Comment by Anonymous

Pretty house!

Will be praying for you guys as you near the time of the new addition, plus being away and all that stuff. Gotta be hard.

I am still banking on Nov. 11.

Comment by Seth Ward

Ditto on the house. It’s lovely.

You and your wife are real troopers. My husband and I freak out if he has to go out of town for more than a day.

I’ll be praying for a timely baby.

Comment by Kat

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