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November 25, 2006, 1:44 pm
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These are my feet.

On the right, Blue’s footprint when he was born. On the left, Aiden’s.

There’s only one problem. We have a third now. Now I have the challenge of figuring out a tattoo that will be equally as personal, but different enough to stand out. I knew this moment would come, and have been thinking about different ides, but so far nothing has impressed me enough to get it done. I am open to suggestions.

I have thought about using the number “3” in some way for “Trey” (three) and him being our third, but I’m stumped. Let’s see what we can come up with.


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scratch that … his handprint inside your handprint. now problem solved.

Comment by Jeff & Katie Boian

I was thinking handprint on the back of your hand. More analogous to the foot-thing.

That’s what I was thinking.



Comment by Anonymous

How about standing on your shoulder? Then you could go for 4 and put that one on the other shoulder. “Standing on the shoulders of giants”… get it? This might be the only tattoo my husband would consider getting. I’ll have to show it to him. Thanks for the inspiration.

Comment by Janice

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