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Would You Rather…
November 27, 2006, 2:57 pm
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1) At a restaurant, have a table that rocks back and forth because the legs aren’t level -OR- a chair that does the same thing?

2) Have a bionic eye -OR- ear?

3) Be somebody’s pet cat -OR- somebody’s pet dog?

4) Be forced to share your bedroom with and elk -OR- to share your bathroom with a man with strange skin problems?

5) Spend 3 weeks in a lifeboat with a person who talks incessantly about his or her medical problems -OR- with somebody who has a chronic wet, hacking cough?

6) If you had a second head, have it facing the same way with full movement -OR- havin it facing backwards fixed in place, unable to move?

7) Be trapped in a cave of hungry vampire bats -OR- put a large jar full of bees into your pants?

8) As a man, have a terribly bad fluorescent orange dandruff -OR- have your sweat smell like Chanel No. 5 perfume?

(All questions courtesy of the Would You Rather . . .? board game.)

(HT: Euphrony)


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1. table
2. eye
3. cat (that’s the good life)
4. elk in the bedroom (no good choice, here)
5. talker
6. forward
7. bats (no bees in my shorts, please)
8. dandruff

Comment by euphrony

1. Chair
2. Eye
3. Dog
4. Elk
5. lifeboat person
6. Backwards, fixed
7. Bees
8. perfume

Comment by kddub

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