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68,142 People And Me
December 3, 2006, 11:47 pm
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Today I went to my first professional football game.

A friend of mine text messaged me during church.

-I got two tickets to the football game, do you want to go?

-Sure. What time?


-I’m in church, will be for another half an hour, can you wait?

-What are you doing text messaging in church?!

We caught the second half of a pretty good game. It ended with the Titans kicking a 60 yard field goal, and winning with 4 seconds left.

What amazed me the most though, was the fact that I had no idea this culture had quite the magnitude that it really does. I have never seen so many people simultaneously jumping around and screaming, for the same thing, in my entire life. There were even choreographed cheers for first downs, chanted with a southern drawl. I had my Bud Light. I high-fived complete strangers. And I cheered for a team, that before today, I barely knew existed. I am looking at today as a cultural experience and I’m glad I was able to participate in it.


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You sounded so official and like you knew what you were talking about there with the 60 yard field goal and the 4 seconds thing.

Comment by urban mama

Same thing happened to me with the Astros. I am now and forever a fan.

Comment by Seth Ward

Attending a sporting event is a unusual thing. You act a little crazy, behave in a mass-mentality, and scream a lot. Good times.

Comment by euphrony

And they beat our Colts! Ouch!

Comment by Cristy

Sort of like a Audio Adrenaline concert huh’.

Only bigger.

Comment by Levi

You high fived a stranger? What are you Harold? Something strange is happening to you out there in Tenn.

Comment by egweedge

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