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Smile And Say, "Thank You"
December 6, 2006, 5:00 pm
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We’ve all gotten them, and some of us have even given them. Bad Christmas gifts.

I think it was Christmas of 2000, my wife and I had just gotten married and still getting to know all of each other’s extended family members.

My grandfather, whom I didn’t even know very well, got us a very useful jar of nails, (like the kind to hang small pictures on walls) a package of sandpaper, and a box of long fireplace matches. We ended up using all three items throughout the year, but honestly… who gives matches, nails and sandpaper?

Let’s hear it. The worst Christmas present you have ever given or received? And I don’t mean White Elephant, or joke gifts…. I want the real deal. One where you thought that you were giving someone something really meaningful and it bombed.


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1.I was in the sixth grade. I rip in to a big box from my grandmother first because, well, it was big. Inside? Two sets of bedding: sheets, pillow cases, comforted, the works.

Star Trek.

Sesame Street.

I still have them and my kids love them but, Sesame Street sheets for a sixth grade boy?

I found out later she had forgotten how old I was and thought she’d heard a “six” at some point. She was seven years off. And the sheets were for a twin and I slept in a queen.

2.My first girl friend, Angela Milner (that’s right I’m using real names.) Again, sixth grade. She was in eighth (oh yea). I saved up and bought her a real gold necklace. She gave me Old Spice. Soap on a rope. Cologne. After shave. I didn’t start shaving until college. I saved it. And walked around with razor burn, smelling like a grandfather.

3. I was six and I suspected Santa Clause was really mom and dad (sorry to ruin that for you, Seth.) I tested the theory by not making a list and not telling my parents what I wanted for Christmas. If Santa was real he’d figure it out.

Christmas morning, instead of a bike and a basketball goal, I got a gumball machine and an erector set. I made a few bucks form the gumball machine and built a throwing star with my erector set. Lemonade.

Comment by Shaun Groves

that’s funny, real funny.

Comment by Jeff & Katie Boian

I once received paper plates (not even the fancy kind, just the cheap white ones) and pot holders as a gift from an older in-law.

My high school graduation gift was a luggage set and a plant. Useful, but…

On gift that I felt really bad about was when I graduated from college. My parents, a stay at home mom and a mailman, had gotten me a REALLY nice gold Baylor University watch. I loved it. I still wear it. But moments after they gave it to me, my roommate walked in and announced that her parents just gave her a brand new car for graduation. I spent the rest of the day using every opportunity to say any nice thing I could about that watch. I knew they’d really made a sacrifice to buy it for me and I wanted to make sure they knew that I loved it.

(as if this isn’t off topic enough already, on a side note, when they first received the watch in the mail, they realized the company had sent them the wrong watch when they looked at it and saw the seal for Brigham Young University instead of Baylor University. Ooops.)

Sorry, I wandered off the Christmas path…

Comment by kat

Mine was in the eighth grade. I got a razor and brush kit. A razor and Brush. Eighth grade. I barely had hair on my legs much less on my face.

Comment by Seth Ward

My worst gift was on my birthday, it was a basket with bottled water, a loaf of bread,some cheese, and a half eaten snickers bar with a note attached, saying, “your dessert looked better than mine!”

Comment by kddub

In reading about all the “interesting” gifts , I think that I have the worst one ever. I think it was about 3-4 years ago and my grandfather ( same as Brody’s match, nails, and sandpaper giving grandfather) decided it would be a good idea to give me some… well, how do you put it?… oh some slutty lingerie… that I must mention he took off a mannequine. Sheets don’t look so bad now do they Shaun?!!!

Comment by egweedge

Yeah, I remember those gifts Grandpa gave you guys…creative , huh?
The gift I remember being the worst for me was from your Aunt Wanda, Bro.. She heard that I had become a Christian and she sent that “orange, glow in the dark” statue thing of the Last Supper. We just had to remember where we put it when they came to visit.
Love, Mom

Comment by Anonymous

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