…in case you were wondering.

John Daker
December 22, 2006, 4:28 pm
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I am surprised this isn’t under the “Music i wish i’d written” title

Comment by kddub

Someone tell me how this dude can get famous yet I am not yet a household name?!

Comment by Steven M. Russell

It’s the eyebrows, man

Comment by Brody Harper

I can do that with my eyes! Perhaps I will practice over Christmas and see what kinda looks I get.

Meant to ask…you gonna be at Shaun’s performance here in Memphis next month? I’d like to get a chance to actually shake hands and meet ya.

Comment by Steven M. Russell

I will be at the show. It will be good to meet you too. Bring all sorts of people…

Comment by Brody Harper

This man is my hero, mmmmnnnmmmnnmmnn that’s amore… kyle ray

Comment by Anonymous

Dude. Of course. I’m gonna hang a flyer at work and try and get as many peeps as possible there. I figure the more we can pack that place out the more children get sponsored.

And if ya’ll wanna meet for lunch or something earlier in the day I am game. You know where to find me.

Comment by Steven M. Russell

Sounds like this music minister that I know…

Comment by Seth Ward

F%$@ phil, evan, the kry, audio a, …hell, every other solo artist…


Comment by Anonymous

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