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Nashville To Gatlinburg… Twice
December 28, 2006, 2:12 pm
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A friend and I were asked to drive a 26-foot moving truck full of equipment to Gatlinburg the day after Christmas. We started about 6:30 the night of the 26th, then 4 hours and 225 miles later arrived.
I have never had an interest in going to Pigeon Forge or Gatlinburg until now. It looks like a pretty interesting place. We stayed there about ten minutes, dropped off the truck and drove back, arriving home around 4:00 am the 27th. I’m not sure I would recommend the trip with a fever and cough, but for those in Nashville, it seems like a pretty neat place to visit.

What are some of the most interesting vacation spots around where you are?


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Isn’t Dollywood right outside of Pigeon Forge? We Dollywooded it when we were in TN and it was great, in a weird Dolly Parton sort of way! But you are just driving in the middle of TN and out of no where is the wierdest town I have ever driven through. It has a Las Vegas/carnival feel except mostly amusement parks. It’s a trip!! No pun intended.

Comment by Anonymous

Yeah, it’s a pretty freaky town. Sorta like Reno meets a dirty state fair. If I ever need a good selection of mini golf places I’m set though.

Comment by Brody Harper

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