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Christian Rock Stars
January 11, 2007, 5:41 pm
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Twice yesterday I heard stories that explained to me why several non-believers view Christians as hypocritical fakes. Two separate stories in the same day uncovering the dirty under-belly of the Christian music industry. None of these situations are from bands that I have worked with, or had any connection to. But it’s an industry I have chosen and it saddens me to see these things happening.

One: A friend of mine called and told me how he had been fired from a well known artist, because he “simply did not fit anymore”. He has worked with them for over three years, dedicated his professional life to ensuring the success of his friends. Only to be treated like he was less than human and yelled at for things beyond his control. His “ministry” became putting up with rock stars, and holding on only for a paycheck. Once success came, he didn’t fit. Today he woke up jobless, and direction less.

Two: My wife sat with a broken wife of a Christian rock star last night and was told how she was afraid for her safety and the safety of her children. His violence has gotten worse, bruises are more frequent, but CD sales are up. The mask of preaching from a stage comes off when he gets home and words that should never be spoken to a wife or child come out.

I don’t even know how to respond to these two situations within my own mind. I hate to see friends of mine in need. Scared because they don’t know what to do next. I hate even more that these situations are caused by people that are getting on a stage every night and telling people how much they need Jesus. To me that is wrong. And sad.


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This is your job, Brody. To keep me from being one thing on stage and another off.

One reason this dual behavior is so prevalent in our industry is that so many artists tour too often to be attached to a small group of non-musician believers (a church, small group, etc) and don’t have an honest friend on the road with them who is willing to say the tough things to someone who is their friend or employer. They don’t have a brody on the road with them and in at home in the cul-de-sac.

If I act like an ass it’s your job to correct me. And you better believe I’ll do the same for you.

Comment by shaungroves

We all need a Brody in our lives

Comment by jessie

i’ve already got one ass, if i act like one, that makes two many asses in the room. it’s get cramped … not to mention stinky … and it’s just not pretty.

bummer this crap goes one in the industry. no surprise as people are, in fact, human and fallible, but it still is not an excuse.

what can we do about situations like these? all we, as consumers, see is a nicely packaged cd and we may, very well, be supporting the dude who beats his wife, but writes it off as a release only to go back on tour the next day and share the “love” of christ.

i say … support only music and musicians that brody works for and supports. hey, it’s a start at least.

seriously, though, what to do?

Comment by the boian chronicles ...

I think sometimes I get a little perplexed by the success of dirtbag unrepentant Christians. Non-believers as well, but especially Christians. I realize that we are all sinners and have our dirtbag moments, but for the most part, most of us dirtbags are making some serious efforts to be pure and good. It’s not even about rewards really… It seems like it should be: when you are walking in His will, you are blessed. When you are not, you are not. Everyone here has experienced that. It works. Obedience. Good stuff. Disobedience, bad stuff. But what about these instances? It would make sense that a Christian artist who is living wrong would not be monetarily blessed or just be blessed… period if he were continuing in a life of sin. CD sells are up??? Christian CD sales??? At the same time you know of some very talented artists who aren’t moving hardly any of their terrific CDs and are hard pressed for rent…

I know all the “Christian” reasons (or at least I think I do) that this happens … Karma vs. Grace… I get that. It still doesn’t help much sometimes. I still just end up staring at the sky and saying “what gives God???… what are you thinking???” Then I feel guilty for saying that and feel the need to pray for forgiveness because I don’t want to be tested or in any way doom my future because of not trusting God.

For me, it has always worked this way: I walk in obedience and from time to time stumble. I repent and because of His Grace, God blesses me and takes care of my needs, even though I am a really big F-up half the time. When there have been times of CONTINUED sin, the sanity and structure of life crumbles and the blessings cease.

But… it doesn’t work that way for some people it seems and this perplexes me a bit.

Some late night thoughts for you there Brody.


Comment by Seth Ward

For what its worth Brode, I literally would have left the tour this fall if not for you.

You and I talked at LEAST a dozen times about you wanting to do more music and less tour management stuff. It’d hard to sympathize with you because you’re so freaking good at it. I honestly believe its what you’re supposed to be doing.

Some of us recognize this part of the industry, and we appriciate people like you in your position. Someone who’s not just dollars and cents and point a and point b.


Comment by Anonymous

I don’t quite know how I want to respond to this.

One piece of me desperately wants you to out these hosers, so we can lead a boycott, an intervention, something! We cannot serve two masters, and neither can they, so something needs to change. (Please, don’t. I think it would foster more problems than solutions.)

Another part of me asks how am I so different? No, I don’t beat my wife, or verbally abuse her. But I’ve said and done things that have been hurtful, even intentional, though not malicious. My ego needs regular deflating. I’ll admit readily that I am an arrogant man and I fight with that sin constantly. I also prefer to lay blame on others when convenient, glossing over my own sin.

How am I different, when I live this life and then go speak so piously of kingdom living? Perhaps the distinction lies in the fact that I try to be open and honest about these things, while they may be excusing or embracing their behavior. It’s hard to condemn when I am a dead man, myself. It’s hard to excuse when they place themselves in such positions as exemplars of Christ.

I remember a night, around three years ago, when myself and a handful of guys sat, talking and praying, and praying specifically for one of those there who confessed his struggles with anger toward his wife. He told us he wanted his marriage to grow, that he loved her. He drove away from praying with us, straight to his mistress. The next time he returned home, drunken and angry, he tore the house apart and broke his mother-in-law’s wrist. This group of guys who loved him and prayed for him were also fearful of him because he was turning against anyone who was trying to help protect his wife from his violence (and this dude was seriously jacked). A Christian’s self-destruction, imploding and destroying the lives around him simultaneously, is hard to see; truly heartbreaking.

I’ll be praying for your friends, Brody.

Comment by euphrony

My heart is crying. Their are children invovled here this is not only effecting the present but the future because children are our future. These children can not help themselves. Are we not all hypocritis if we turn a blind eye to the children in need of safety in this situation? Should you not ask this wife what you can do to help her? She seems to be asking for help? Read Matthew 18 : 15 and see what advise Jesus gives us.
My prayer is that the kids will be protected from the stupidity of their parents, who can’t seem to be mature adults and put their childrens well being in front of their own lack of self control.

Comment by wife,mom,friend


Are you assuming that my wife and I aren’t asking her if we can help? Assuming that we are turning a blind eye to children in need?

Our friend and her children got on a plane today. Flying back to what she considers home. Friends, family, and hope.. and our prayers followed her.

Comment by Brody Harper

Not assuming that at all!! I was just staing the obvious that if we as christians don’t stand up for each other than who will? I am glad to hear that she left with her kids. I will pray for her, as well as her husband. Hopefully he will see that his actions have been wrong and seek the help he needs so his family can be back together.

Comment by wife,mom,friend

I totally agree.
Sometimes there are situations that need to happen in order to “snap us out” of our current state of mind.

Hopefully this is one of those times.

Comment by Brody Harper

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