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It’s Better Than Hell
January 15, 2007, 4:36 pm
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We had to wake up around 6:15 AM to shuttle to the airport to wait in line to drop off bags, so we could wait in line with our shoes off, to walk through radio active, possibly life shortening, metal detector things, to get to a gate, to shuttle to a different, temporary terminal building, to wait for a late flight, so we could wait in line to board a plane to sit down, only then to be asked to get off the plane, to wait in the temporary terminal building again for a different, unscheduled flight home. But from what I learned this week, it’s better than Hell.


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good point.

Comment by the boian chronicles ...

With that perspective, I don’t think you could possible ever…EVER….have a bad day.

Comment by kat

…but only slightly.

Comment by Anonymous

It was fantastic to meet you finally last night. Thanks for the stop in Memphis. Good luck on the rest of the Compassion Tour and be safe.

And thouroughly enjoyed the comment DURING the concert.

Gotta love laptops.

Comment by Steven M. Russell

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