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The Battle Of Palm City
January 23, 2007, 11:13 pm
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Two of the most sarcastic, clever, powerhouses I know, are at it again. The topic? What really went down in Palm City, Florida last Saturday night. I was there, I witnessed the magic, but am fully aware that what happens in Palm City stays in Palm City. You be the judge.

“Brant was slated to merely introduce Shaun but stayed around at management’s request so the large crowd wouldn’t follow the radio celeb out the door to Old Navy’s sleeveless shirt sale down the street and then to his pretend church. Shaun was grateful. Until Brant led the throngs of faithful WAY-FM listeners in pogo-ing to Abba Father…”Shaun Groves

“Longtime fans appreciated his turn at Calvary Chapel’s grand piano, where Groves fought back tears in an airy, aching, “When We Love the Least/You’re a Grand Old Flag” fusion. Groves followed up with new songs, including the ska-tinged, “Big, Big House (Not Sure Why We Bought It)”, an anthemic tribute to Stanley Hauerwas, “Hook, Line, and Sinker”, and then the thoughtful, reflective cri de coeur, “Taller Than You (Way Taller)”.”Brant Hansen


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I love the graphic Brody!

Comment by kat

I love the way that Shaun Groves, in that orange shirt and with the glare and facial fuzz, looks a bit like a convict on the loose. Brant, on the other hand, looks like a model taking a wrong turn with his accordian pose. Nice juxtaposition.

Comment by euphrony

I agree. I give the nod to convict Shaun based on your pictures.

Comment by Steven M. Russell

I am just not sure what to think anymore, what hae they done to you out there…*sigh*

kyle ray

Comment by Anonymous

That graphic kills. That is HILARIOUS, and yes, it looks like Shaun’s ready to trade his copy of Bonhoeffer for a pack of Winstons.

Seriously, I was *very* excited to get to meet you, Brody, when you guys came down. Definite highlight for me to get to spend a little time with you. Thanks for your work, too.

Comment by Brant

Very funny stuff dude, very funny.

Comment by Shawn

Freaking. Great.

I still want the “When we love the least/Grand Ol’ Flag” fusion posted somewhere for download immediately.

Brody, make it so, number 1.

Comment by The Cachinnator

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