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January 26, 2007, 2:17 pm
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16,000 contestants. 8 finalists. 3 judges. 1 winner. GIFTED.

On January 26, 2007, on prime-time television, the first season of Gifted is televised to over 49 million households on TBN (95 million total U.S. reach). The 2-hour show hosted by Brian Littrell (formerly of the Backstreet Boys) showcases eight finalists singing some of the most well-known songs in Christian Music in styles ranging from Praise & Worship, Gospel, and CCM. The winner receives a recording contract with EMI Christian Music Group. Anticipation for the show has been enormous as the auditions were held all over the country for the past year in the most influential mega-churches in large markets.
GIFTED CD includes performances by all 8 contestants as well as the first radio single “Amazing Love (You Are My King)” sung by all the GIFTED finalists.

GIFTED resembles other popular reality-based TV shows, its unique quality is that contestants desire to display the gift that God gave them and to give back that gift by sharing with the world the message of hope in Christ.

Read More… if you can stomach it.


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I read that a few days ago. I remember hearing when they came through Houston on their talent hunt. I’m not a reality show fan, so I wouldn’t have watched ni any case. However, hasn’t American Idol produced its own fair share of Christian artists?

Comment by euphrony

Oh my sweet Jehosophat.


‘Deparate Soccer Moms’

‘The church office’ (actually that might be friggin funny)

‘The Deaconess’ Next Door’

Also, when I think of the word “Gifted” I think of the short bus.

Comment by Seth Ward

disgusting! oroville, ca on the tour, eh?

Comment by the boian chronicles ...

yeah, wanna go?

Comment by Brody Harper

I have to admit. (after going to the site,) I totally love the Gospel “Forever”

Of course that could because I played in a Black Pentacostal Church and it is forever in your blood thereafter.

Comment by Seth Ward

Shaun and I are literally watching this show at our hotel right now… it’s the worst thing I have ever seen.

Some guy is singing DC Talks, “In The Light” right now… and he kicked the stool over….

I’m speechless….

Comment by Brody Harper

I was working for TBN when they were developing that program. Fortunately, I have been able to avoid seeing any of it. But I have heard several stories from one of the guys who played in the house band about how bad it was.

Comment by Stephen

Hey, you. Yeah, you, in the bottom right hand corner of the cd cover. Yeah, that’s right. You. Kevin Max is on the phone right now…He wants his hair back. Wait, never mind. He said you can keep it. Apparently its from the 90’s and he doesn’t want it anymore.

Comment by Eric Brown

Sigh. As the Christian world tries more and more to look like the world we lose a few more people…

Comment by Steven M. Russell

Sounds pretty bad, but then again I think American Idol is horrible as well! I think I could stomach “Gifted” about as well as I can stomach “Idol.” The only part of Idol that I enjoy is the first ones because they’re funny.

Seth, I love “The Church Office” idea! That would really be great.

Comment by Susanne

I saw a bit of the run-up to the show last night. That one guy and his blond wife on TBN.

They said the church needed this show because, heretofore, the church has not had a means to “get its talent out there.”

Okay, they didn’t say “heretofore”, but that’s what they said. Pretty soon, maybe TBN will start an entire “Christian music industry” — that might catch on. I don’t know.


P.S. — I would have paid money to have watched this show with you and Shaun.

Comment by Brant

Me too. Simon (I mean Shaun) would have offered great commentary.

Comment by Steven M. Russell

DANG. I knew I should have got in on some of that action. 🙂


Comment by *The Blogstar

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