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You Did What Under Your Dads Arm?
February 17, 2007, 10:24 pm
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The following are actual reenactments of what occurred last night at an un-named “soft rock” concert, somewhere in Branson, MO, at an un-named college, by an un-named “soft rock star”. Please note: What I am about to tell you could cost me my job. My argument: People want to know.

What should have been said:
“My dad was a Vietnam Vet, and I would sit under the shadow of his ‘oak tree’ of an arm and doodle on my bulletin and eventually fall asleep between points two and three.”

What was said:
“My dad was a Vietnam Vet, and I would shit under the… ummm… I just said that didn’t I?”

Moments later, still swirling from uttering profanity in front of three hundred college students, the un-named “soft rock star” attempts to blow it off by taking a quick drink of water…. from a bottle with the cap still tightly in place.

Perhaps some days off are in order.


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ya that would be a different story for a different time.

Comment by The Booters

you gotta be $#!**ing me … he really said that? j/k

Comment by the boian chronicles ...

Oh. That’s classic. That would fall under the realm of “things that I hope never happen to me.”

Thanks for sharing. I hope you keep your job. It appears as though your help is needed.


Comment by kat

an exelent example of how words are seen as something more than what they are.

Comment by randy

Hey, at least that didn’t make it onto the live CD this soft rocker recently released.

Comment by euphrony

That is awesome. I think I heard though on Spongebob Squarepants that those words are called sentence enhancers.

He was just talking fancy talk.

Comment by Steven M. Russell

My 15-year-old was telling me about something that happened recently in one of his high school classes. The teacher was talking about the old rotary dial phones and she should have said, “I didn’t like how my fingers always got stuck in the holes.” What she really said was, “I didn’t like how my stingers always got f….”, then silence. Her face turned 15 shades of red and she ran out into the hall while the class was cracking up. Apparently it took the rest of the class period to restore order…

Comment by Cristy

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