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Maybe It’s The Genes
March 4, 2007, 2:19 am
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Is being stubborn genetic?

Is living by the “letter of the law” passed down?

I know I do it. I know that if you tell me to wear a button-up shirt, you can guarantee it will not be tucked in, ironed, or even match anything else that I am wearing. If you tell me to dress up for an event, I won’t shave. If you ask anything of me, much of the time that is what you will get. No more, no less. I live by the “letter of the law”. And if you don’t like it, well, be more specific please.

Most of the time I think I do this because I am stubborn. I don’t like being told how to respond to something. I don’t want to be told how to dress, feel, react, or not react. More often than not it will be as close to the opposite of what you want, as I can get without complete disregard of what you have told me.

I noticed that today in my four year old, and it got me thinking. Is this seriously something that I have passed down to him as a personality trait? When we tell him to go upstairs and get out his pajama’s for bed, he will get them out, and leave them on the floor near his dresser.

“Pick up the toys.” He will leave the mound of garbage in the floor.

“Don’t hit your brother.” He starts kicking.

“Turn the music down.” One tap of the volume nob.

I know there are probably all these “sin nature” explanations for all of this, but I think it’s fun to see, in a painful sort of way. I like to see individualism push the limits. Sure it drives me nuts as a parent, but in the right environment I think these are the people hardest to stop from accomplishing dreams.


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I think that your mother would call it revenge.

Comment by The Booters

I think your right, its just his personality. Norm used to do that to my dad, but it didnt last long. Kinda like when i wouldnt stop wearing clothes that my dad didnt like. so he burned them. I think back then he thought the way i dressed was part of the reason for my behavior.

Comment by randy

I don’t know Brody….? Is it stubborn or just plain obstinent? Only your sister would ask such a question.

Comment by egweedge

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