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March 8, 2007, 1:49 pm
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Oscar-winning director James Cameron’s controversial new documentary, which claims that Jesus may not have only been buried with a wife, but a son as well, adds an intriguing new piece but certainly doesn’t solve the 2,000-year-old puzzle of the life and death of Christ, the filmmaker said in an exclusive interview on TODAY.

“I’m not an archaeologist. I’m a filmmaker,” said Cameron, who won the Academy Award for Best Director in 1998 for Titanic. “I looked at the evidence initially, and as a layman I found it to be compelling …. I haven’t seen anything that contradicts the initial hypothesis.”

Are Christians fueling the fire for things like this? Or is it our responsibility to make it a big issue? If we ignored it, would stuff like this have such an impact? Or is it our responsibility to stand up against these things?

I know in a few weeks I will be able to walk into Lifeway and pick out a book with a similar picture on the cover as the one above, and some guy who looks like James Cameron on the back, and read all the facts disproving the Discovery Channel Documentary. I know there will be mini-books passed out at my church, begging that people’s faith won’t be swayed by the “King Of The World”.

My question. Did James Cameron watch the absolute frenzy that The DaVinci Code created among Christians and recognize something that would get us all talking about him? Now that we all are what do you think?


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You ask good questions, Brody. I’m not sure of Cameron’s motives, but I think many of my thoughts on this subject are pretty much like yours. On the one hand, Christians feed the frenzy every time someone comes along with a new way to try and disprove what we believe. Therefore, we make that person rich and temporarily very famous. And it seems like there is a lot of merchandizing on the Christian side of things, to seize the opportunity to create and sell a lot of new material based on it.

But we are told to earnestly contend for the faith. The phony stuff this guy is putting out (in much the same way The DaVinci Code did) is trying to cut at the very foundation of everything that that is fundamental to Christianity. So I’d say there’s nothing wrong with using such things as a springboard to fruitful discussion.

Our factual claims can and will always hold up to any amount of scrutiny, so we have nothing to fear. But it’s scary to think that poorly informed people, who believe pretty much anything they hear (especially if it sounds scandalous), could have a lot of struggles and doubts based on this kind of misinformation. This could apply both to Christians who are dealing with doubts, or to seekers who are examining the faith with an open mind and are derailed by this sort of stuff.

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