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March 21, 2007, 8:25 pm
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Upon recent recommendation from Seth I have started a “Photo Blog”. These are things that I have looked at, at one point and decided to point a camera it’s direction and capture it. I will make sure to add new photos frequently.

Feel free to steal them if you want. Just let me know you did. And of corse, if you make millions of dollars off of one of them, I expect at least dinner.

Check it out.


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Why are so artistic?

Comment by The Booters


Why are so unintelligible?

Comment by Brody Harper

I wish you would point your camera at my kids sometime. I would love to have really good pictures of them

Comment by urban mama

Very cool Brody! I love the unique angles. I’m inspired.

Comment by Kat

Hey, can’t find your email…

Shoot me your address


Comment by Seth Ward

Hi Brody. I’m Seth’s wife. I just wanted to say that I love your photos. My fav so far is “Bath,” not just because I’m a woman googooing over the adorable baby (yours I assume?), but I really like the water coming off of the hand. Very cool. I’m really glad you’re doing this and I look forward seeing more.

Comment by FancyPants

it keeps people guessing, just insert a “you” in the middle

Comment by The Booters

Great stuff, Brody. I’m thinking that good picture-taking is definitely an art form. Some people just have it, and some don’t.

When I take pictures, no matter how much I try, they just come out looking like cheesy photos. Tilting the camera a little doesn’t seem to help, either. Oh well.

Comment by Chaotic Hammer


Have you considered making it a team blog?

Comment by euphrony

I don’t know what that means.

Comment by Brody Harper

I’m not sure about wordpress, but with blogger you can set up a blog to have multiple people who are allowed to contribute/post new items, not just comments but new posts; and even (I think) have one who is essentially an editor-in-chief. I’d imagine that wordpress has something similar.

What I was suggesting is getting a couple of people together who take some photos worth looking at to team with you on the blog. They would (again, if wordpress allows) also be able to post pictures. This would, in my opinion, open up the diversity of what would be seen. Not that you haven’t put up some diverse pics thus far . . .

Comment by euphrony

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