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Blistered Palms
March 29, 2007, 12:23 am
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I don’t do much manual labor these days…and you know what? I’m cool with that.

Yesterday I realized that it was officially time to mow the lawn. All my neighbors have mowed their lawns at least three or four times this season already and my yard was the crappy looking one on the block. Yeah… I know… it’s totally a peer pressure thing but, if my neighbors had crappy yards, I would too. But they don’t so I decided I needed to get going on it before it got to out of control and we got kicked out of the neighborhood for being white trash.

From start to finish my yard takes just over an hour to mow. It’s kind of a pain and I really wish someone else was doing it, but it’s my role as a man right?

About half way into the yard I realized that my hands were starting to throb and ache as if they were bleeding. I refused to look assuring myself, “This is what real work feels like”. I pressed on. Lap after lap of my front and back yard, until finally the circle was small enough that I could swipe it with one, straight line and park this machine back in the garage for a week (or two).

After I put the mower away, I looked at my hands and there was a clear, red stripe across both hands and on both sides of each palm, two large blisters. My wife hasn’t really stopped making fun of me for it, but they hurt, and mowing lawns is way harder than typing.

So for all you “non-manly”, not-so-wild-at heart” guys, I understand the appreciation of sensitive skin. Now I need to go soak.


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Hey man, I got out lucky. Just tell your wife you have “allergies” and that you have to pay someone else to do it. Works every time, so you don’t have to!

Comment by Eric Brown

“it’s totally a pier pressure thing”

Really, it’s a pier pressure thing? I can understand the weight of having a dock on top of you having an influence of some sort, but I don’t understand just what it’s doing there in the first place.

And my yard, until last Saturday, was the holdout for mowing on our block. The thing about Houston is that the mowing never stops. Even in the dead of winter the grass (and weeds) grow enough to merit mowing at least monthly (by my standards) or every 10 days (by the anal yard-keepers on the block’s standards).

Comment by euphrony

Haven’t had to mow yet (and Alex does that anyway), but at least we don’t have to shovel or plow any snow right now! It’s gone for the moment. Ride now the front yard is basically brown, and the back yard resembles the leftovers of a mud wrestling event. The dog loves it; the couch doesn’t!


Comment by GrovesFan

Correction: “Peer Pressure” as opposed to “Pier Pressure”.

Comment by Brody Harper

Sorry, I just got the giggles picturing you with a pier sitting on your chest trying to push a mower. (Does it make me less manly to have gotten the giggles?)

Comment by euphrony

A little, but I wasn’t going to say anything.

Comment by Brody Harper


Comment by Seth Ward


(Consider for a moment that you just out girlied me – a guy with product in his hair who works out to “It’s Raining Men.”)

Comment by shaungroves

take a man pill, sally, and mowe that lawn.

Comment by the boian chronicles ...

I don’t know if it can get much more girlie than hair “deodorant” and “It’s Raining Men.” I just wanna know if you wear shorts while doing this “workout.” I may have to invest in a new video camera.


Comment by GrovesFan

Brody in shorts? Are you kidding?

Comment by urban mama

So, if Brody doesn’t wear shorts, does he wear a habit while mowing? Is that really him in the above picture?

Comment by euphrony

I was referring to Shaun wearing shorts. I’d think the California dude would have no problem wearing shorts.


Comment by GrovesFan

If I could wear a habit and mow the lawn I would, and I can assure you this California dude, owns no shorts. and barely wears short sleeves. The less the sun sees of me the better.

Comment by Brody Harper

You’re going to be one of those geeky guys on the cruise in jeans huh?


Comment by GrovesFan

maybe he’ll get a habit for the cruise….

He’s actually worn a paper bag on his head before when sitting at the park with me. You never know.

Comment by kddub


I’d guess between being married to Brody and sharing the cul-de-sac with Shaun, you’re kept fairly busy in the “what’s coming next?” catagory huh?


Comment by GrovesFan

In college, a friend of Mrs. E and myself brought a guy to a devotional, leading him by a leash attached to a spiked collar.

Top that. By comparison, wearing a paper bag or a habit is a little tame.

Comment by euphrony

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