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The Unreturned Email
April 2, 2007, 2:07 pm
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I don’t get an obscene amount of emails a day, but I get a decent amount. I get them on my phone. I get them in airports. I get them on my laptop, and on my desktop. I also have a family. One wife, three kids, one dog and one cat. I work a more than full-time job, am usually out of town three to four days a week, and still try to make time to hang out in the Cul-de-Sac.

What I don’t understand is how, or why, I wouldn’t return an email from someone I know asking me a specific question. In fact, why wouldn’t I respond to an email asking me something, even if it was from someone I didn’t know? Sure, I’m not going to respond to every Viagra ad that I get in my inbox, or respond to some prince in Afghanistan wanting to give me 3.8 million dollars if I deposit double that into my account, but if someone I know, or even don’t know asks me something specific, I respond.

I respond because I hate the feeling of not being responded to. I hate the message that not responding gives.

“Your email is not important enough for me to even type a few words to you.”

“Your request or inquiry holds no merit with me, and I don’t care enough to respond.”

Now, I can see not having time to answer the phone, or even write a “real” letter. I have kids, and it’s rarely quiet enough to be on the phone for any length of time. But an email? Seriously.


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has this recently happened to you?

Comment by the boian chronicles ...

In the music industry it happens every day

Comment by Brody Harper

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