…in case you were wondering.

Lunch With Phil
April 16, 2007, 8:26 pm
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I had lunch today with my friend, Phil Wickham, and if you haven’t already, it’s time to buy his first album. Phil is currently (and I literally mean currently… this very moment) in the studio recording his next album, which he claims “takes it to another level”. I didn’t get a chance to hear any of it yet, but no doubt it will be pretty good. Phil’s a great guy, very talented and loves what he has been allowed to do for a living.

While we were there we ran into Mark and Will, so it was a neat little reunion from all over the country.

Not much else going on here…. in case you were wondering. It’s about time to head outside to play.


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nice coda. in case you were wondering … it’s about time to post this comment.

Comment by the boian chronicles ...

I just blogged about Phil having a free download featured right now on FreeCCM.com. He’s on my list, long though it be, for further investigation. You may have just moved him up a bit.

Comment by euphrony

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