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Shaun’s Quest For World Peace
April 17, 2007, 12:49 pm
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Shaun writes:
None of this is needed. It’s a want for sure. But if I try hard enough I can argue convincingly that all these capabilities I’d have with a new Macbook would make for better music, a better on-line experience for my visitors (that’s you), more marketing and communication tools, a larger audience, and world peace. I swear. Look, I have a flowchart.

In related news… I want one too.


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Nice! World Peace……Apple. If anybody can bring peace to the world I believe Steve Jobs can.

I have one an it is amazing.

Comment by Hickman

And how would your new Mac bring world peace? Please, we need a 500 word essay. Or perhaps a picture book to tell us why.

Though why anyone would want a Mac I still don’t understand.

Comment by euphrony

“Though why anyone would want a Mac I still don’t understand.”

Did you really just say that Euphrony? I’m aghast. I’m shocked. I’m apalled. Say it isn’t so.

Why the disdain for Mac?

Out of curiosity, what kind of computer do you currently use?

Comment by kat

It’s a Power Book G4.

And here are all the numbers and letters I don’t understand.

1.67 GHz PowerPC G4

I like it, but my wife needs it at the house while I am gone, so it’s time for computer number 2

Comment by Brody Harper

What is wrong with you non mac users. You need to pray and get right with God. He will then supply you with your mac.

I am not even sure you can be a Christian if you don’t have a mac.

All of you please come out of the darkness into the light. Us mac users will take you in.

Comment by Hickman

In grad school, we had Macs in our lab. I did no work on them, not out of spite or lack of effort, but because they would do no work for me. None. The froze every five minutes, would never run the programs I needed or manage the data I was working with. I spent more hours trying to fix those two Macs and improve their performance in a year than I have on my home PCs over the last 15 years – and I’ve personally upgraded and rebuilt my home computer three times in that period!

Thus, I have a bad taste for Macs.

Comment by euphrony

I am not even sure what you are talking about or what macs you had. I never spend time trying to fix my mac. It has crashed one time in 8 months and rebooting solved that problem. Macs are superior. I am sorry. It is just the truth.

Comment by Hickman

That is one amazing flow chart. I can tell you put a lot of time and effort into it!! 😛

Comment by Jenn

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