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"Barney’s" Passport Update
April 26, 2007, 1:31 pm
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See that green arrow there? That just happens to be the resting place of “Barney’s” passport. After six emails to the New Orleans Passport Agency Office with no response, two email sent directly from the Passport Task Force in Washington D.C., still with no response, the passport sits in the office waiting to be processed. “Barney” is scheduled to leave in two days, but he doesn’t think it will make it in time. Something tells me that “Barney” may have just lost a little more faith in the efficiency of the United States Government.

Luckily, “Barney” has a sister in California that was willing to make some calls, and go into some offices and manage to round up another copy of his birth certificate as well as all the papers needed to prove his citizenship. Those papers now have been sent overnight to him, and it looks like it may work out… assuming he doesn’t forget said papers at home this weekend.

Thanks for all the advise from everyone and thanks to “Barney’s” sister for pulling it all together, as well as anyone else involved.


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the saga continues … I hope “Barry” er uh, “Barney” gets his papers so he can hit the road!

Comment by Dusty

IT would be so sweet if “Barney” could meet Jack and Dianne they are friends of mine who have also fallen into some difficult struggles lately…

I have been praying for all of you and I am about to go up into my prayer tower and not come down until tha tpassport arrives or God strikes me dead… well, or maybe until lunch.

Comment by Jeff

If you forget your papers, I’ll handle the water placement for Shaun as long as he’s not too picky.


Comment by Anonymous

At least Barney didn’t accidentally DELET HIS BLOG last night.

Have fun on your trip.

Comment by Seth Ward

Barney noticed that your blog was messed up this morning. Barney says he is sorry.

Comment by Brody Harper

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