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Coming Clean
April 26, 2007, 8:14 pm
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I can’t live a lie anymore. I feel like I need to be honest with everyone that is reading this. There is no Barney. I know it comes as a shock to most of you. I don’t have a friend named Barney that desperately needed his passport to go on a cruise leaving in two days now. It’s me. I am that Barney. I’m sorry for any problems I have caused, and hope that none of you ever doubt what I say is true. And although this entire paragraph is ridiculously sarcastic, I did want to give you an update on my passport situation.

They are here. We went out to lunch, where oddly enough, we ran into David Crowder and his wife, Toni, and when we came back to the house there were three Fed-Ex envelopes. Three. One, my birth certificate. Two, my passport. Three, Cooper’s passport, which by the way is really funny to see a 3 month old baby with a passport photo. Thanks for everyone’s encouragement.


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Thank God the lies are over. Barney’s employer, I mean, I was worried I’d have to travel with just your wife and mine. That would be awkward. Cool. But awkward.

“Check out Shaun. He’s got two ladies.”

Cuz, that’s how I roll.

Comment by shaungroves

I’m glad you’ve come clean, although I think it’s really bad that you didn’t use your real name.



Comment by kat

Thanks for your honesty Brody. I was really wondering if there was a “BamBam”, but seeing as how it’s Cooper, that’s OK. I guess you can be in charge of the water now.


Comment by Beth

So if Brody is Barney…does that make Shaun Fred?

Comment by Steven M. Russell

I was starting to grow rather fond of Barney.

Comment by Herbert S. Crotch

When does Cooper’s passport expire. Is it a ten year like adults. That would be kindof cool if it was. At age 9 he could take a trip with you and have a three month old photo. Wild.

Comment by Hickman

I think passports for those under age 16 are only good for 5 years.


Comment by Beth


it’s a five year passport. even that will be pretty funny though…. a five year old with a three month old picture.

Comment by Brody Harper


The Bible clearly says that all liars go to hell. I may have to quit stalking your blog on the principle of moral separation.

But have a nice cruise, heathen.

Comment by KathyH

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