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April 30, 2007, 3:11 am
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Shaun gives away CD’s when people sign up and pay to sponsor a Compassion child the same night of the show. Tonight we had several volunteers, mostly middle aged women helping out at the table explaining how to fill out the paperwork and telling people of their experiences sponsoring a child. I realized that all the packets that we had set out on the table had been passed out and people were slowly filling them all out, so I decided to bring the box of CD’s out from underneath the table and set them on top, just to make passing them out easier. Sounds simple enough. Grab box, set it on the table.

I grabbed the box form under the table and pulled it up to set it on the table not realizing that the other side of the box was caught on one of the volunteers calf-length skirt. I pulled the box up and set it on the table, skirt attached and now, at waist level. The volunteer realized that I was fully exposing the back of her pretty quick and slapped her skirt down. I’m sure my face turned a few shades of red…

“I’m retarded”, was all I could say.


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I’m guessing that this is not going to go on your other blog “Things I’ve Looked At”.

Comment by euphrony

days later, brody was seen floating out to see never to return.

Comment by The Booters

sea, i’m retarded as well

Comment by The Booters

Been there…. kind of.


Comment by *The Blogstar

Something similar happened to me with my Kilt at my grandfather’s 3rd wedding! I won’t go into details but lets just say the congregation got to know one particular groomsman QUITE well.

Comment by Herbert S. Crotch

tee hee

Comment by ally

Brody, that is classic.

Herb, thanks for the mental picture. Now all I can think about is a man-skirt with a big hairy butt. Nast.

Comment by Seth Ward

Brody – appreciate your blog and think you’re a funny guy…(but here come the ‘however, brother’ part…)

I have a daughter who is mentally and physically “retarded” so the casual use of the “R” word hits close to home to me…my suggestion to people when I get on my high-horse about this topic is to suggest a parallel thought about when how we as a society might decide it is cool to say

I am SO cancerous.

I am so AIDS.

I am SO Sudden Infant Death Sydrome.

…when they don’t feel well.

Thanks for listening.

Comment by jeff atwood


I hear you. I am just used to saying that in a completely insensitive way.

I think the way I look at it, is that I would never call someone with mental disabilities “retarded”. I have always tried to be sensitive to avoiding that word when it comes to disabilities all together. I think of it more how music retards.

I totally understand what you are saying and it is something to think about. Please know that I don’t mean that in a derogatory way toward anyone at all.

Comment by Brody Harper

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