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A Good Visit
May 8, 2007, 1:06 am
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My parents left today after being here for two weeks. They came out to hang out with us for a week and then were gracious enough to watch the boys while we were on the cruise. While we were gone my dad fixed a bunch of things I had let go, or didn’t have time to do, and my mom spent unbelievable amounts of time spoiling the kids.

Kristin and I were talking about it today, and we realized how short their visit felt and how we wished it could have been longer. I think there is something to be said for a two week visit in your house and the day they leave have a part of you wish they were still there. Usually once two weeks rolls around Kristin and I are ready to have our lives back to normal and things all in their place. This time was different.

This time, while they were here it felt “normal”. It felt good to stay up late talking, and hanging out with adults that we respect and love. My parents are the most giving and selfless people I know and it was great to have some time to spend with them.

Mom.. Dad… there’s always the redneck house across the street if you are interested.


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Are you sure they were not things you did not know how to do…..

Comment by Levi

Thank you so much for your heart felt comments, Brody. It was our priviledge to be there. We also loved being there with you and honestly was really fun to be there with the boys without their parents.
We agree, the time went so fast and we loved doing everything. We loved every minute. Not all parents of adults can say that they just so enjoy being with and talking, with their kids. We always have enjoyed your company and Kristin’s and always will. You are our “joy and crown”..be blessed, our children. We love you more daily.

Comment by Anonymous


Sometimes changing light bulbs is really hard…. you don’t know…

Comment by Brody Harper

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