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This Means You…
May 10, 2007, 1:51 pm
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You will notice that I have divided my links into three, easy to use, categories.

At the top… Blogs that are updated regularly and are interesting. The next… Blogs that are updated occasionally. These are blogs that are occasionally worth looking at but sometimes follow with a shade of disappointment, after looking at the date of the last post. Then there is the dreaded “Never Updated” section. You know who you are. I’m not mad… just disappointed. You’re better than that… and you have such potential… if you only applied yourself.

So there it is. I plan on keeping up on this so make sure the updates are frequent, or down you go.

– The Management.


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Whew. I made the cut. I haven’t been that nervous since checking the list in my high school gym to see if I made the varsity tennis team.

I’m off to go celebrate and write some posts so I don’t fall from grace.

Seriously, though, I’m honored to be on such a prestigious link list.

Comment by Kat

Awesome. I am at the cool table!!!!

Comment by Steven M. Russell

I didnt even make the list.Not the lame table or even the poser table.

Comment by Levi


You’re the fourth one down from the top.

Good thing I don’t have an “attention to detail” list.

Comment by Brody Harper

I wish I could come here and dispute my placement on the list.

But as it is, I’m feeling lucky to have even made the “Updated Occasionally” list.

You have nailed it correctly, too. I honestly feel like I could blog more regularly, and could do so much more with it.

I like your approach to the categorizing, though. I do know what you mean about following a link to a blog, reading it and thinking “Hey, this is pretty neat”, then realizing it was written three or four months ago.

Comment by Chaotic Hammer

I’m at the top? Is that just cause I’m your wife?

Comment by kddub

Oh sure you people who blog all the time because you have lives laughing at those of who don’t have lives, thanks i think i shall go cry and then laugh at those below me. Sort of like the food chain i suppose.

Comment by The Booters


Kind of… that, and your hot.

Comment by Brody Harper


Comment by kddub

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