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And Another Thing…
May 17, 2007, 3:51 am
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Guess who was at the table next to us at lunch today?


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Now see Brody. I don’t compete. It’s unhealthy. So you got to eat next to Ben today. Did you think I would be jealous?

You should take a break from all those preening Nashville artists who puff around like a bunch of roosters or dogs pissing on their territory and subliminally one-upping each other with some subtle complicut. You’ll never take the step of faith if you don’t.

So you got to have lunch next to one of my favorite songwriters.

I am very happy for you.


Comment by Seth Ward

It was brought to my attention that that comment might of sounded harsh or serious.

You know that I really don’t think that about nashville artists.

And, you probably know by now that 95% of what I comment is… not serious.

But just in case.

Comment by Seth Ward

Did you accidentally start singing his music under your breath? I probably would have, and then felt like an idiot.

Comment by The Booters


.. and by “it was brought to my attention”, meaning “Amber yelled at me”?

And of corse you know 95% of me agrees with you.

Comment by Brody Harper

Not yelled.




That kind of a thing.

Comment by FancyPants

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