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May 20, 2007, 3:20 pm
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I rarely use an alarm clock because I have kids and they work just fine, but when we are on the road and need to be somewhere early I have to set one. Most of the time I wake up before the alarm even goes off but still set it for those instances that I might not. I recently downloaded this new alarm clock thing from Apple and t works great. You can choose what song from your iTunes library that you want to wake up to, set it and it will wake your computer up, and start playing at the right time… assuming you set it for the right time. This morning, I didn’t.

Shaun and I went back and forth with what song to choose. “Back In Black”? No. “My Humps”? No. Anything Tomlin? Nah. I think we finally decided on Cake’s “Sheep Go To Heaven”, and went to sleep. I woke up this morning to no “Sheep Go To Heaven”, but to silence. I looked at the clock and once my eyes focused they saw “8:32 AM”. We were supposed to be at the church at 8:15 AM but at the latest 8:30 AM. Neither of those happened. I woke Shaun up, brushed my teeth and we ran out the door. The service started at 9:00 AM and we walked in the lobby of the church at 8:56 AM.

See it turns out that my computer is set to Central Time. North Carolina is not Central Time. I’m still recovering.


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Oh man…that was close.

Comment by FancyPants

Yikes! Did everything go okay?

Yeah we haven’t woken up to an alarm clock in years…

Comment by kat

ha, thats pretty funny, i wonder how it copes with BST…

Comment by connor

Oops! Should’ve brought one of the kids along for insurance.


Comment by Anonymous

Everything ended up fine. 133 kids were sponsored and we came home with empty CD boxes.

… and our teeth are very happy.

Comment by Brody Harper

I just use my cell phone as my alarm clock. It automatically adjusts for the current time zone, and works everywhere (except when I travel internationally – I’m too cheap to pay for that kind of fancy phone).

Comment by euphrony

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