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Wikipedia And You
May 31, 2007, 6:57 pm
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I noticed today that there is very little on Wikipedia concerning Shaun Groves. I asked Shaun why he hadn’t put anything on there, and he explained to me that the rules are explicit. “Do not write articles about yourself, your company, or your best friend.” There it is. In black and white.

I thought about writing something myself, but was quickly distracted, and after refocusing, I realized that it would be way more fun and entertaining if you wrote about him. Obviously Shaun and I will have the ability to edit whatever is written, but I assure you, most content will be left on.

What do you know about Shaun? How much information can the general public, that knows him from his blog or otherwise, put onto a site about him? Can you surprise him and I with the amount of information that is really out there?

Let’s see it.


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I don’t normally pimp my site, but you have to go see the video I just posted.

And be sure you or Shaun has no liquid in your mouth.

Comment by Steven M. Russell

all I can help you with so far is this image. I think there is a resemblance.


Comment by A.Blaine

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