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Music I Wish I Had Written. (Continued)
June 1, 2007, 3:09 pm
Filed under: Music I Wish I Had Written

Jeremy Enigk – River To Sea


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hmmm, reminds me of Coldplay. In fact as I sit here and pack up my desk on my last day working for the man (had to throw that in there) i was playing the clip and the gut parallel to my cube asked, “hey is that Coldplay”? Good music though…

Comment by pnthrfan

hmmm, such an insult to a musical genius. Not that all coldplay is bad but Jeremy Enigk is in a class slightly higher than coldplay, the song is amazing.

Comment by The Booters

All I am saying is that this song sounds like coldplay (I am not really a fan of Coldplay), I am a fan of SDR though…

It is a good song though, and I will agree that Jeremy has better writing styles than Chris Martin, and even a better voice.

Comment by pnthrfan

ok I was a little worried there for a seceond

Comment by The Booters

Amazing…almost painfully beautiful.

Comment by Jordan

love the video. But I’m unfortunate enough to walk through life as Jeremy’s lesser known doppleganger. Luckily I at least sing differently. Otherwise I would resign myself to my fate and sign up to be his video stunt double.
I’ll play all the finger straining chords.

Comment by rhodes

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