…in case you were wondering.

A New Start
June 7, 2007, 3:37 pm
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So, here it is. My new blog. I screwed the old one up pretty bad trying to change the header, so I lost quite a bit of stuff.

I know all my links aren’t there, but can’t remember which ones I am missing. Just comment with your address and I will add it.

Also, if anyone (KAT) knows how to edit this page a little (ie. font color, background color) any advise would be great. It will take some time to get this how I want it.



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Do you have comment moderation on or something? I just left a comment and it’s not showing up.

Comment by Chaotic Hammer

Of course that comment had to show up, but the one where I sent you helpful information didn’t?


Comment by Chaotic Hammer

yeah.. i don’t know how to turn that off either.

Comment by brodyharper

Looks good so far. I plan on switching, probably to WordPress, when I get some time.

It breaks my heart, though, to see I was demoted to “Updated Occassionally”. I’ve been sick, okay. And some vacation. Oh, yeah, I’ll be out of town on business the next week. Oh, never mind. I guess it has been deserved lately.

Comment by euphrony

It just did it again. For some reason, when I send you a link in a comment, it eats the comment and it never shows up.

Try going to Google and entering the following line in a new search:

site:brodyharper.blogspot.com “may 2007”

Then under the first result click on “Cached”. That will show you a copy of all your links and your page as it appeared right before it accidentally got hosed (at least, I think that’s what you are saying happened).

Comment by Chaotic Hammer

.. And how come I can’t move anything around in the sidebar? It’s automatically alphabetical order, and that’s lame.

Comment by brodyharper

I don’t know, with all these problems Im begining to think its not worth wondering any more.

In case you were wondering…..

Comment by Levi

how could you forget about me, i shall go cry myself to sleep

Comment by Booters

Yeah Brody! You left Blogger…I’m so proud.

To order your links, you can either set it to order by rating and rate each link under the advanced menu in the blogroll, or you can just use Text widgets and manually add each link in the order you want.

To turn off comment moderation, go to Options and Discussion and change the settings there. When more than 2 links are used in a comment, it’s automatically held for moderation, but you can change that setting.

To move stuff around in the sidebar, go to Presentation and Widgets and just drag each widget to the desired spot. Then click “Save Changes.”

You can make some changes to the design via the Presentation>Custom Header tab. More advanced changed can be made through the Presentation>Edit CSS tab. If you’re not familiar with CSS, just let me know what you want to change.

Hope that helps!

Comment by Kat

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