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My Friend Kevin
June 7, 2007, 8:52 pm
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I have posted on here about my friend Kevin before, but today I found out that he has started a blog called “This Little Sonic Iceberg. Kevin is a brilliant musician and good friend. Make sure to check out his blog and his music.

By the way, the overly graphic image of men laying on music has nothing to do with Kevin, or his music.


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weird. both you and i posted about kevin today. awesome.

Comment by jeff

this has nothing to do with kevin but i have decided that i do not like this blog site, sorry to all of those that love it…p.s. kevin is amazing i am not sure if you ever mentioned this but he has a myspace for glowworm so people can check out the music. good stuff.

Comment by Booters

what blog site? this one? or kevin’s? boots need to put down the crack.

Comment by brodyharper

whatever i can quite when i want to, i just don’t want to. and about the confusion, i don’t like the wordpress site so far, sorry.

Comment by Booters

that’s good you can “quite” when you want to but I think you might want to “quit”. Yeah, I don’t like this wordpress thing yet either. Hopefully with time it will get cooler.

Comment by brodyharper

crap, i suck

Comment by Booters

that picture pretty much sums up my life.

Comment by Kevin

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