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Letters To The Editor Vol. 1
June 13, 2007, 1:45 am
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toothbrush-copy.jpg“I thought it would be fun to try to write songs based on ideas, pictures or lines submitted by the readers of my blog. After reading through hundreds of peoples thoughts, I’m sure bits and pieces creeped in through every window of every lyric and melody.”

Andrew posted on his blog a few weeks ago:

“So, here it is. You guys have given me inspiration for these tunes. Hopefully, you will also download them, listen to them, and give me a couple bucks for the awe-inspiring experience.

On top of that, you’re now officially invited to sing a bit of background, nay, webground® vocals.

If you have Garageband or ProTools or Cakewalk or SoundForge or Acid or whatever audio program you may or may not have legally purchased you can do this. If your computer has a microphone on it and a headphone jack any of those will do. All right. It’s time to get webground vocaling. Can’t wait to hear YOU for a change.


Click Here To Download


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I read that and thought it was a cool idea as well. However the prankster in me wanted to sing a backup and sound like a hundred year old tone deaf grandma. But then I thought, “What hundred year old tone deaf grandma owns Garage band?” Prank rendered uselsess.

Comment by Seth ward

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