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A Fear Revealed
June 19, 2007, 9:51 pm
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I thought he escaped on some flying bike or something.

Comment by Seth ward

Oh my. I LOVED that movie. I must have watched it a million times.

Comment by Kat

It messed me up forever. I bought the DVD a few years ago when I found it online. Now I can show the world that not all “sweet old ladies” are sweet.

Comment by brodyharper

what movie is it, must have been a little before my time.

Comment by Dos Booters

“Cloak And Dagger” – 1984. It’s a kids movie, but they obviously didn’t foresee any life-long ramifications of creepy old women. Shame on them.

Comment by brodyharper

Watch it bud; I’m dangerously close to being a little old lady some days!


Comment by Beth


Comment by Chaotic Hammer

i love cloak and dagger, though, old women (like the one in the clip) can and do sometimes frighten me as well.

Comment by jeff

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