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Randy, I’m Calling You Out
June 20, 2007, 9:20 am
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randyprinceton.jpgRandy Elrod has 324 links to his blog. I am one of those links. I am one of the long list of people that are pointing people to his daily writings. From what I understand he has inspired several people to join in the online community of blogging, by linking to them and even creating a “Randy Elrod Inspired Blogroll”.

I don’t know how many people Randy links to, but I know that the list is long. A while back Randy posted something saying that if anyone linked to him he would link back to them. He did this in order to get more links I assume. Here’s the problem.

I fell for it.

See there? Over in my side bar? The few links that I have? See the one that says “Randy Elrod”? That’s my end of the bargain. I spent the morning looking at Randy’s ridiculously long list of links. Do you know what I didn’t find? I will give you two guesses.

I’m not mad. Just disappointed. Not to mention, if what Shaun says is true, I am one of the few that actually update “regularly”.

So here I am. Calling out Randy Elrod, in the friendliest of ways. Randy, the time has come for you to hold up your end of the bargain…. especially now that I have linked to you several more times within this post. It’s time for you to actually link to me.

And for everyone else reading this. Might I encourage you to head over to Randy’s Blog and kindly “remind” him of his self inflicted obligations.

That is all.


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** Please note that this post is made completely in jest. I am not mad at Randy Elrod. **

Comment by brodyharper

Ouch! Brody, this is totally an oversight. You are now linked. Your blog is AWESOME!!!

I am duly called out and I duly therefore respond!!


Comment by Randy Elrod


I appreciate and accept the response. Thanks. All is forgiven.

Comment by brodyharper

Peace has broken out
In every heart and every blog
Peace has broken out
It started small, it drew a…

What rhymes with blog?


Peace has broken out

Comment by shaungroves



Comment by Chad Jarnagin

all together now…”it’s a small world after all…”

Comment by jeff atwoodj

Well, Brody, I’ve seen your name come across my blog periodically and I don’t see a link in your sidebar (it’s okay – I just added you too!). So share the love, my friend – http://jeremythiessen.typepad.com. Later!

Comment by Jeremy Thiessen

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