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My Favorite Appliance
June 24, 2007, 5:11 pm
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blender.jpgI was thinking today. I’ve decided that our blender is my favorite appliance. I make smoothies every day that I am in town. Frozen fruit, yogurt, juice, that’s all. At least one, if not two, smoothies a day. And I blend them using my awesome blender. There’s nothing amazing about my blender, it’s just a normal blender, but it’s awesome.

We also have made adult beverages… you know for date nights.

So now you have it. What’s your favorite appliance?

And it turns out wisdom comes before holiness, then sovereignty, and finally goodness. Not sure if I know the context of that, but it’s on the wall in front of me.


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My coffee pot,without a doubt.

Comment by Mom

I would have to say my favorite appliance is my jug kettle. It’s a wonderful thing that heats a quart of water to boiling in about 2 minutes or less. Wonderful for my chai tea lattes.


Comment by Beth

I must be too practical… Mine is the dishwasher, I do so many dishes these days!

(Brody you’ve been gone for 4 days, and your day dreaming about using the blender??? I see how it is….)

Comment by Kddub

I would have to say my whirly-pop It makes the best popcorn ever and I could eat popcorn everyday.

Comment by jessie

The microwave oven. It sustained me for years before I was married, and now makes those delicious leftovers come back to life again, in mere moments. In fact, they don’t even have to be leftovers — hot food prep in general is made fast and easy through this modern marvel.

Comment by Chaotic Hammer

I am gonna have to go with my Kettle as well…i love tea and this invention is amazing for the tea drinker.

Comment by Dos Booters


Comment by shaungroves

Coffee pot, for sure. But we do have this really cool sandwich maker that makes hot sandwiches. Heats ’em up and toasts the bread and melts the cheese and all that good stuff. But we always forget it’s up there. And we have an orange juicer that’s totally nifty but we always forget that’s up there, too. It’s called, registering for things when you get married that are completely unnecessary…..

Comment by FancyPants

The blender, too, is my favorite appliance. I am a fellow daily smoothie maker and here is my current favorite: OJ, strawberries, grapes, banana and ice cubes. Mmmmm.

Comment by Becky

My favorite appliance – I’d have to say my food processor. We like to make sorbet and pesto and yummy sauces.

Comment by Kat

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