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Happy Birthday KD
July 1, 2007, 8:42 am
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my-wife-is-hot.jpgI married out of my league. Way out of my league. I don’t know how many times I have been asked, with great seriousness, “What does she see in you?”. And I will be honest. I don’t know. And I may never know. But I’m okay with it. It’s one of those things I just don’t need an explanation to. She likes me… I’ll take it.

Kristin is the most giving, loving, intelligent person I know. She is my best friend, an amazing mother, unbelievably beautiful, and kind. We have been married since she was nineteen, and it has been an amazing seven years watching her grow as a person and friend to me…not to mention put up with me. Today Kristin turns twenty-six. Happy Birthday Kristin.


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Happy birthday Kristin!

Comment by Kat

Thats crazy, I didnt realize she was only 19. I guess we were only 21. or was it 20. Dave and I were just going to Eureka back in 2000. right on.

Comment by randy

Kristin has to be one of the very prettiest women I know – inside and out.

Happy birthday to her!

Comment by annie

Happy Birthday Kristin. Have a wonderful day!


Comment by Beth

happy birthday kristin. 🙂

Comment by Kevin

Happy, happy birthday to you. Sometimes we see things in our husbands that nobody else sees but he is a lucky guy. Hope your day was wonderful.

Comment by jessie

Happy Birthday, Kristin.

Dang you guys are young.

Comment by Chaotic Hammer

Thank you to everyone! It was a wonderful day!

~Brody, I am not out of your “league.” I am the lucky one.

Comment by Kddub

Happy Birthday, Kristen! Sorry I couldn’t wish it to you sooner today…. I’m glad you had a good one.

Comment by FancyPants

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