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You Get Goosebumps?
July 3, 2007, 1:31 pm
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Wow man, that’s good stuff. It’s nice to hear Piper teach about something other than election, though I do genuinely enjoy his teaching. Thanks for bring the goods.

Comment by Eric

Amazing. Yes, I’d say I did get goosebumps.

Comment by lesliebrooke

[You Get Goosebumps? from Brody Harper]

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Hey Brody. I don’t think I ever met you, but I attended TPC last summer and was in IKON while Shaun was leading. Good times.

I wanted to comment on this and offer a slightly contrary opinion. Though I have seen the “health, wealth and prosperity” thing be taken WAY too far and had to cringe my way through many required chapels at my alma mater…I also see the basis of our God being a giver of good things. Yes, the HEART of the matter is to know that “being blessed” is possible whether we are living in a mud hut with dirty feet or making 6 figures. And yes, the HEART of the matter is that we are investing ourselves into the growth of the Kingdom (not just throwing money at charitable causes). I see what John Piper is saying in this.

But I also feel that he’s throwing the baby out with the bathwater in some ways, because there is indeed validity to how things with God work. Seed time and harvest. Sowing and reaping. These are Biblical concepts. When practiced in balance with their true meaning, they are immensely good. And I find it difficult to believe that it was ever God’s will or intention for us to be impoverished and in need, or that is He is “most pleased with us” when we are in poverty…I personally think it’s harder to be pleased with God when in abundance because so much can distract us.

I could on for quite a while, but I think I got my point across. Thank you for sharing the video. It’s got me thinking, once again, about what really matters.

Comment by Rachel

I understand what you are saying but I think there is one line in this video that clears that up (at least for me). When he says, “That’s elevating the gifts above the giver”.

There is nothing wrong with harvesting, and there is nothing wrong with acknowledging what God has given you, but when the gifts become the focus and not the giver, we have lost perspective. I don’t think God wants us to all live in poverty, but I also don’t think he wants us to say, “Look at all this nice stuff God gave me, I must be doing something right”.

Comment by brodyharper

I live in Brazil. The prosperity gospel is really huge here, and as we can see here, it is ALL about elevating the gifts above the Giver.

As a theology student, I have to say that, as Piper, I hate this kind of teaching. As Piper, I’m also a calvinist (but I don’t want to discuss it here), and I have the tendency to dislike anything that’s not God honoring.

Brody made a great point: it’s not that God want us to live in poverty, that’s not the point. And if you pay attention to the teachings of John Piper, you’ll notice that he’s not about that either. The poin, in fact, is: God is to be worshipped and honored above all thing.

That’s the 4th thime I watch this video and it is really great. Thank you Brody.

Comment by Eduardo Mano

I agree, Brody…and I indeed see the point. I also understand and share Piper’s passion for the subject. Gifts should never, ever, ever be elevated above the Giver. That is truly the sad and sickly state of many Christians today.

I often get shook up when I see preachers riding the “commercial appeal” wave with, say, a successful book or sermon. They take it way too far and then Christianity’s reputation is further tarnished and we end up further from God and His will than when we began.

Comment by Rachel

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