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Quick 4th Of July Update
July 4, 2007, 10:34 pm
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Shaun lit Brian on fire during our Roman Candle fight…. it was awesome.


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Been there. 🙂

BTW- I pimped you.


Comment by Chad Jarnagin

that is awesome (assuming all is ok, though if is wasn’t this post might be different)

Comment by Dos Booters

Is he OK? Shaun, you’re in BIG trouble with both sides of the family now. Lighting your brother-in-law on fire is definitely a family taboo.


Comment by Beth

That had to be a sight to see.

Is it me or is there a connection to Shaun’s Shlog yesterday. He ended his dialog with the comment about buying some property oh I meant happiness and endangering our lives by blowing up some of that happiness.

I hope that Brian is ok.


Comment by Thomas

It’s not just you Thomas, irony is an amazing thing.

Brian’s fine. The only things that suffered were his shirt that is now burnt, and the blog world because it wasn’t caught on video.

Comment by brodyharper

Wow…Brian has black hair in that picture. How interesting. 😉

Some things never change…boys will be boys. Glad Brian’s okay and that you all have a story to hand on to your kids and grandkids someday.


Comment by Rachel

I think the picture looks a lot like Shaun, so maybe it would have been better if Brian lit Shaun on fire…. oh well, there’s always next year.

Comment by brodyharper

Brody, did your wife not get that on tape? I thought she was rolling when I lobed a ball of burning sulphur at my former road manager.

Word to the wise: Never quit on me.

Comment by shaungroves

Or lobbed.


Words is dumb.

Comment by shaungroves

i did get it on tape, but it’s dark and all you can see is you shooting it, and hear the dialogue around me, and laughter, then the kids running to see the hole in Brian’s shirt.

Comment by Kddub

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