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Transformers And Bad Flights
July 6, 2007, 11:18 am
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poster_transformers_new2.jpgBrian, myself and another neighbor of ours went to see the new Transformers movie last night. I felt like I was in fifth grade all over again. The movie had it’s cheesy moments, but for the most part it was pretty amazing. It’s exactly what I want in a “toy cars, come to life and turn into robots that fight on our planet in an attempt to save the universe” type of movie. I probably got home too late, but didn’t have to worry about getting grounded.

Of corse, getting home late comes with it’s own consequence as an adult too. Shaun and I had to leave for Portland at 5:30 AM today. Now, I fly a lot, and almost inevitably there will be a time where I sit right behind the “flawed” seat on the plane that leans back so far that the guy in front of me is resting his hair in my mouth. I can’t lower my tray table, look at my computer, or even set my drink down, because for all he cares, we are cuddling. That coupled with not much sleep, was recipe for my amazing mood.

After some coffee and Chili’s things should be fine.

Oh yeah.. and Lee Greenwood was on our flight. He wasn’t the guy in front of me, but I think he’s still proud to be an American. His shirt was red.


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Funny post Brody.

Comment by Kat

I thought of you and Randy when that movie came out. It is a like a dream come true.

Comment by jessie

he should have taken his cool bus he has on his website (that i played with for a good 5 minutes)

Comment by Dos Booters

Lee Greenwood = the most conflicted guy in America on September the 12th.

Comment by Stephen

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