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Day Off In North Carolina?
July 12, 2007, 6:23 pm
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dentist.jpgWhat does one do with a day off in Burlington, North Carolina? You want to know what I did? Five hours of dental work. Yeah that’s right. Nothing says a good time like kicking back in a comfy leather chair, watching a little Discovery Channel, and having numerous sets of hands in your mouth throughout the day.

We started off with a simple cleaning. Then on to the bleaching. After an hour of bleach eating away years of stain on my teeth, another cleaning. Then on to the pulling of a wisdom tooth…but only after two separate shots for numbing. A few crunches, a loud crack and now I have a wisdom tooth as my souvenir from North Carolina. After the wisdom tooth hole stopped bleeding, it was time to add to a small tooth in the front of my mouth, just to make them all look even. After about an hour of molding and adding to that tooth, another clean and we are almost done. Because we did the bleaching, we needed to make molds of my newly shaped teeth in order for me to continue bleaching in the future. Molds were made, and five hours later, we are done.

Thanks so much to Tracy Edwards DDS and everyone at her office that stayed over and helped out. Oh yeah, and did I mention that Tracy isn’t charging me for any of that? She’s awesome. We had a great time today, and if you are even remotely close to Burlington, North Carolina, I think you should make Tracy your dentist.

Now, I just took a couple 800 mg Ibuprofen and it’s starting to kick in. Thanks again Tracy, I really appreciate it.

And by the way… Tracy looks nothing like George W. Bush.


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Tracy is awesome!

Comment by Kddub

So is ibuprofen.

Comment by brodyharper

I’m still trying to figure out that last sentence? Am I missing something?

Comment by Kddub

I think that Brody is right, the dentist in the pic looks a bit like the pres in a surgical mask.

Comment by euphrony

Our president is such an amazing guy, being president, starting wars, stumbling his way through speaches, doing dentistry work. Where do his amazing qualities end?

Comment by Dos Booters

p.s. tracy is very awesome.

Comment by Dos Booters

I have a love/hate relationship with dentists…but Tracy sounds fantastic. You are one seriously blessed man…for people without insurance (ie…me) you pretty much just won the dental lottery. Now go get a milk shake, it will make you feel that much better.

Comment by livngfragrance

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