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Mommy! Daddy! Can I Have The Genital Warts Shirt?!!
July 14, 2007, 8:22 am
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Nothing says a fathers love than buying this number for his little girl. Of corse it comes in any youth size, and uses the classic “little girl” colors, pink and purple. So if you get a chance this summer, swing by Christian music festival this year, share some time with the family, sing some songs, and don’t forget to pick up your “genital warts” t-shirt.

A friend of mine is traveling around to a couple different Christian music festivals this summer, and ran across this. I know there are some pretty bad shirts out there, but is this is one of the worst. Is this the new generations version of “True Love Waits”? “True love doesn’t want genital warts”? What’s the worst “Christian” shirt you have ever seen?


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There are so many. Christians suck when it comes to making original things. Christians as a whole suck when it comes to creativity. I am starting to think Christians just suck. Wait, that would include me. Ok, so back to the question at hand.

Jesus Is My Homeboy
The Jesus (Staples) button

Hell, just got look for yourself. It makes me so mad.


Comment by Hickman

The Worst. Gross.

How bout:

I’d rather be a prude than have big purple sores on my shlong.

Comment by Seth Ward

seth ~ that shirt i would probably buy, has a ring to it.

Comment by Dos Booters

I dont really like the no fear one, but their was a kid last weekend with a mountain due type shirt. I think it said Ment to Die. Real encouraging.

Comment by randy

“Coonhunters for Christ”

Comment by nancy

These are pretty good… er, bad.

Comment by keith

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