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Drew Needs To Blog
July 26, 2007, 5:04 pm
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We spent yesterday evening catching up with some friends that we hadn’t seen in a few years. We grabbed some Subway, some beverages and went to the park to watch the kids play. One of the couples that we were with, also have three boys very similar ages to our boys so it was crazy. Their dad Drew needs a blog. He admits to reading this blog every day, but refuses to comment. So here I am, dedicating an entire post to the encouragement of Drew and his future blog. Let’s all join in.

“…But I won’t have anything to blog about.” he says.


What does anyone have to blog about? I’ve got an old picture of some creepy little girl on this one, and no one can do a thing about it.

I know Drew will also be reading the comments so lets encourage him to blog about something… anything… He’s a pretty interesting guy, knows some crap about philosophy and has three boys with another on the way. There’s at least one or two good stories in there somewhere.


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Please blog so Brody will stop hounding you.


Comment by Beth

Come’on Drew!

Comment by Luke

I’ve got an old picture of some creepy little girl on this one, and no one can do a thing about it.

If she’s still alive, I hope she sees your comment and chews you out, Brody. If she’s dead, I hope she haunts you relentlessly. Creepy little girl indeed.

Comment by Chaotic Hammer

There’s gotta be some good stories there! Drew should atleast give it a try…but don’t let do what Phil has done!!!

Comment by Cristy

blogging is overrated…….

unless you are brody, then it is a necessity 🙂


Comment by Dos Booters

Blog Drew, you know you want to, everyone is doing it, at least all the cool kids are, don’t you want to be a cool kid?

Relational Randomness: My oldest boy’s name is Drew. Brody played tic-tac-toe with him @ papasitos.

Comment by RyanG

It really is a nice outlet! You should try it Drew 🙂

Comment by Leslie Brooke

whatever colette, you blog all the time.

Comment by Dos Booters

Come on you two…. kiss and make up…

Comment by brodyharper

Brody, I would blog but I am a bad speller, and my spell checker is broken. And I can’t find my dictionary.

Comment by drew

Hey you didn’t misspell any of those words. And if you do spell something wrong someone might mistake it as a new acronym and you’ll start a revolution.

If not you can post pictures of creepy little kids, which requires no spelling at all. And people will still comment, that’s a given.

Comment by Raquel :D

Miss spelled words make life intereystying. See?

Besides you’ve got great stories, an awesome family and your starting a new adventure! Time to share it with the world, (or at least your friends…) While you are at it you should get Jaimey to also!

Comment by Kddub

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