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Seven Years Today
August 5, 2007, 5:01 pm
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Your kind of a bad ass. Nice arm and tattoo. Look at me I am a bad ass.

Comment by hickman

Brody, are you in there?


Comment by Beth

Ok. I have a favor to ask.

I need your feedback on something.

I am wanting to move my blog to wordpress because of their tools they offer to bloggers.

Anyways. I have two sites running parallel right now. And I want you to tell me which one you like better.




You can comment over on the WordPress one. Only a handful of people know about the blog, so I would like your input.

Thanks a ton.

And Happy Anniversary!

Comment by stevenunc

Happy Anniversary. Have a safe trip home tomorr…er…today.

Dang. I need to go to bed.

Comment by Steven Russell

happy anniversary! that is so cool! i cant even imagine 7 years from now with kyle…. well i can but well, you know, thats a long time and so cool for you guys! great to see you and cant wait to visit you on your turf! 🙂


Comment by Dos Booters

Happy anniversary, Brody.

Comment by euphrony

Nice triple penis tattoo, Tomlin, I mean Brody. Geez, those sunglasses throw me off every time. Happy Anniversary. the future’s so bright you gotta…

(Do I get points of any kind for figuring out how to use the word “penis”, take a swipe at a Christian music icon and insult you while sending well wishes all at the same time?)

Comment by shaungroves

what does it say about me that i giggled at shaun’s comment?

i am so mature.

are you home yet? are you home yet? are you home yet?

Comment by steven.russell

Shaun… I thought it was the leather pants that threw you off?

I’m still practicing wearing my glasses inside, but it’s hard when I keep tripping over everything.

Comment by brodyharper

Congrats bro.

Comment by Jon Lloyd

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