…in case you were wondering.

Ahhhh Crap…
August 10, 2007, 3:48 pm
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83 in a 70.

Vacation’s over and Shaun and I are back on the road. Hello Arkansas.

At least I had my license back.


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Ugh. At least they did not drag you off to jail for the weekend.


Comment by thomas

Keep it up and you’re going to have to sell one of your kids to pay your insurance premiums! Either that or start riding a bike.


Comment by Beth

Nice red pickup.

Shaun riding around in the back playing guitar?

Comment by steven.russell

You just liked me driving you around, so you could call me your “old lady,” I know your game.

Comment by Kddub

love the picture, i am assuming that you took it? its great. sorry about the ticket, but god made speed limits for a reason…. it think that reason is to test your patience and give people with power trips jobs but all the same 🙂


Comment by booters

Sorry. If I had taken this picture I probably would have actually gone to jail.

I stole it from here, but I kinda wish I took it.

Comment by brodyharper

I do, too.

Because the thought of you and Shaun riding around in a pickup truck is sorta funny to me.

Comment by Steven Russell

hey man – thanks for adding me to your blogroll. i enjoy reading your posts as well. you’re linked on mine too. peace.

Comment by aaronivey.com

i feel your pain, bro…you should have had a car seat…

Comment by Eric Brown

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