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The Legacy With A Legacy
August 13, 2007, 8:42 am
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lobby1jpg.jpgLast night we stayed at a hotel that, according to locals, will be a part of American history. The Legacy Hotel in Downtown Little Rock, is located just blocks from the state capitol, has several different entrances, and even a section that I wasn’t able to figure out how to get to.

The decor is pretty eclectic, almost like a movie should be filmed here… or at least a music video.

The walls are pink stucco and brick like an authentic Mexican restaurant, the bathrooms are covered floor to ceiling in one inch green tiles, the carpet worn, and the paint is peeling, but in a way that makes it exciting. Almost as if it was meant to be that way. There is random antique furniture throughout the two different lobbies, and old posters from the early 1900’s on the walls.

And according to locals, this is also the place where President Bill Clinton was said to bring his… ummm.. female.. advisors. Being so close to the capitol and with the separate entrances and all.


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Yeah, well, thanks for rubbing it in. Most of us here in Arkansas are deeply ashamed of the man. I happened to be visitng his home church one day when he was there as president, and it gave me the creeps to see him there.

I guess I should remember David and how God loved him anyway…

Comment by Kathy

hopefully you didn’t get that room…

Comment by booters

im with the booters on that one.

Comment by randy

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