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I’m A Bad Friend
August 15, 2007, 10:06 pm
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that-bubble-at-the-top-says-sorry.jpgI promised myself I would never “beg” for links and I never have. I’m still not going to. However, I did realize, there are several folks out there that are linking to me, and I have not reciprocated the generosity.

That makes me a bad blog friend.

I also realize that this is going to cause a lot of work for me. A lot of work. You know, work that requires sitting at a computer and typing, much like I am doing now…. wait.

So here’s the deal. I need to significantly expand my “Links” list over there on the left, and I need your help. If you have commented on here, link to here, lurk around here, let me know in the comments, and I will stick your blog name over there. Even if you stumbled on to this blog by searching “EL PASO TEXAS UNDER GROUND TUNNELS” or Mark Driscoll, and would like me to link to you, let me know and I would be glad to.

-The Management.


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Link love never hurts… I love the posts here, man. Keep it up!

Comment by Tim

I link to you 🙂

Comment by Brooke

I’m kathyhickey.blogspot.com

Comment by Kathy

Hurray for linkage!!

Comment by RyanG

I link to you, and subscribe 😉

Comment by Joshua

Thank’s for the offer.



Comment by thomas


Comment by Daniel

I love to lurk.
Here’s a new one: http://www.redcedar.wordpress.com (I’m going to give it a shot, thanks to Kristin’s encouragement.)
Use “Annie” for the link. Thanks, Brody!

Comment by Annie

what’s wrong with ‘begging for links’ – don’t judge me!

Comment by brianseay

You’re my google reader friend!

Comment by lukemundy

Haha I’ve been bothering you for a while.
But I mean you and your photography blog are both on my blogroll so if you WANT to you’re welcome to add me on that huge list.

Comment by Raquel :D

I lurk here and enjoy the writing. Thanks.

Comment by Ted

You’re a gentleman and a scholar…

Comment by Spence Smith

Oh and you’re a great friend 😀
You’re funny and that’s entertaining.

Comment by Raquel :D

lurking and learning

Comment by becky

I link to you, and you know it… 🙂
First link from Brazil, I guess.

Oh, and I like Driscoll.

The end.

Comment by Eduardo Mano

I link to you!


Comment by Amy

I’m a little behind, but I’ll trade ya links!


Comment by sarahmchia

Thanks for the link. Except…uh…you kinda spelled my name wrong. It’s got an “h” at the end.

Comment by Sarah Chia

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