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Reallly….Really Sick
August 17, 2007, 8:57 am
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sickinbed.jpgIt started the other night at Blue’s party. Throughout the corse of an hour, I felt a fever coming on, chills, sweating, sore throat, headache, and upset stomach. I tried to play it off as just getting too hot standing over the barbecue, but by the time everything was cleaned up and I was inside, my fever had reached nearly 103.

That lasted all night and into yesterday, with chills and sweating, and unable to sleep discomfort. My throat is really sore and scratchy, and my neck is really tense, to the point of making my head hurt to move. Fever, still 102.

I stayed in bed until about four in the afternoon yesterday, because I have an amazing wife who forced me to, but then realized I needed to get ready for this run of shows with Shaun.

Later that evening he called and said I wasn’t allowed to go. So here I am still in bed, still with a fever, and sore throat, barely able to move. I have only been this sick one other time in my life, and it sucked. This sucks too. But I appreciate the folks around me that force me to do nothing, and work on getting better.


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Yuck! Doesn’t sound fun at all…get better Brody!

Comment by Cristy

Oh little brother… you should take better care of your self. I hope you feel better soon. I’m glad Shaun said you weren’t allowed to go.

Comment by Erin

Hope you are feeling better soon.


Comment by thomas

Please…… Kristin is an angel, and Shaun is very thoughtful. You are sick…See a doctor.
Love you, Mom

Comment by Barb

Thank you for saying that, because we were all THINKING it!

Comment by Cristy

That sucks buddy. Hope you get to feeling better.

Maybe lay off the fly-hotdogs. Flies carry all kinds of nast viruses and diseases. Plus they taste like crap. Fun to catch with chop-sticks though.

Comment by Seth Ward

Hey that sounds like strep throat! You really should go to the dr. I sound like your mom. not so bad. I hate strep throat! It’s horrible!

Comment by Kristin Davis

Not to try to scare you, but stiff neck can also be a sign of meningitis. PLEASE get checked out!

Comment by Beth

Ack I got a little bug, too.
Get well, Brody.

Comment by Raquel :D

Brody, if you have not went to the doctor please listen to everyone telling you to go to the doctor. As Beth said, a stiff neck is one of the signs of meningitis.


Comment by thomas

OK. . . I will miss you in NC, but I am glad you are keeping your germs in TN! Feel better!

Comment by Tracy

Well, my girl had you beat yesterday with a fever of 104 but she is better now. I think kids get better faster than we do. Hope you are not as cranky as my girl.

Comment by jessie

It cannot be all that bad if you can remember all of those details and coherently piece them together to form sentences…or maybe you are just that good. Either way, being sick is rarely fun so I pray you get to feeling better very soon.

Comment by livngfragrance

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