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Still. Freaking. Hot.
August 20, 2007, 10:58 am
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its-too-freaking-hot.jpgThere has been 15 consecutive days of 99 degrees and above. This is unprecedented in the weather records at Nashville. Previously the record was eight set back in June 1952. Weather records in Nashville date back to Nov. 1, 1870, nearly 137 years.

Sunday was the 25th consecutive day of 90 degrees and above in Nashville. This is the most since 23 consecutive days back in August 1995. The most ever is 31 days back in June of 1952 and again in June
Of 1954.

Rainfall in Nashville so far this month has totaled 0.05 inches. The driest August ever was back in 1929 when only 0.51 inches fell.

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Okay. Seriously. I’m not really sure what’s going on, but this is pretty lame weather. And, by the way, having a fever for the last five days in this weather makes it more spectacular. I haven’t seen Al Gore’s movie, and I haven’t really looked into global warming at all, but what I do know is that I have been living in hot, sticky, muggy, nastiness for over a month now. And today is my day to hate it.


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Let’s move there!

Comment by booters

In a weird way, wouldn’t this be an argument to move here?

I mean what does it say about a place that hasn’t been this hot in.. oh… forever.? When was the last time Sacramento didn’t get to 110 in a year?

This is a freak year here… it’s every year out there. I’m just saying…

Comment by brodyharper

It’s “climate change,” Brody, not “global warming.”

Comment by shaungroves


Comment by Amy

I’d rather live there than in Miami…

Comment by Raquel :D

The weather here in Sacramento has been lovely. We have only had about 4 or 5 hot days all summer and it is not humid, so take that!

Comment by jessie

funny… i remember being out there for two weeks and it being hotter than hell the whole time….

either way, let’s all sit back and realize why brody is justified in saying that he hates the sun.

Comment by brodyharper

It’s still raining in Vancouver.

Comment by Dan Ray

Being where? Miami?
And yeah it’s humid. I hate it here.
Does anyone want to come get me?

Comment by Raquel :D

i feel like i’m back in houston…it’s been so freaking hot! and my A/C went out on a friday and the service guy couldn’t make it until tuesday. God bless my friend who let me borrow a window unit A/C.

Comment by BUSH

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