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Three Words
August 29, 2007, 7:32 am
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What three words describe how your day is going? Three words describing your week? Or even describing where you are at in life right now?


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Tired burned out


Comment by thomas

Really F-ing Sick.

Comment by Shawn Bashor

Feeling like crap.

Or perhaps…

Stupid Sinus Infection.

Comment by steven.russell

amazed, humbled, excited

Comment by Joshua

Wow Steven.russell,

I guess I could have said it more tactfully like you just did. But yeah, that is what’s wrong with me too and it is no fun at all.

I have a theory that it is actually Brody’s fault I am sick, he made me smell some wheat grass junk Saturday and I think it triggered a sinus infection.

Five pounds of vegetables my rear end.

Comment by Shawn (with a W) Bashor

I agree with yours & add

overworked and underpaid

Comment by Brooke

Fairly typical day.

Comment by Chaotic Hammer

struggling to trust

Comment by aaronivey.com

Writing is hard

Comment by shaungroves

ready for action

Comment by gingerswann

Effin Rocking Rooster!

Comment by Nice!

eat. sleep. pack.

Comment by Annie

Boredom. Calloused fingers :[

[guitar hurts]

Comment by Raquel :D

Making others happy
(or NOT while coordinating famly camp!)

Comment by Rowan

Scylla and Charybdis

Comment by ManUtd17

not able to count

Comment by Todd

sleepy, tired, melancholy


Comment by Beth

This is my first time reading your blog… so it was interesting for this to be the first one of yours I’ve read.

Struggling, trusting, hopeful.

Comment by Teresa

I’m with you .. mine would be
Need more sleep.

Comment by Alyssa

trying to focus

Comment by Lindsey

Circus, Circus, Circus

Comment by randy

one. more. meeting.

Comment by brianseay

Stink, stank, stunk!

Not really, but that just popped into my head…it is such a catchy triplet…good ol’ Dr.Seuss. But “for reals”:

Awed. Busy. Anxious.

Comment by livngfragrance

tired but hopeful

Comment by Amy

raising these boys

Comment by Kddub

scared but excited

Comment by BUSH

Phil poet prodigy.

Comment by Raquel :D

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