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I Know, I know…
September 6, 2007, 7:33 am
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I know. I have been a slacker here for the last couple days. Truth is, I like my family and want to see them occasionally. This is my calendar for the month of September. Now keep in mind that the dates with blue are just the days that I am gone. The dates with nothing in them are days that I get to prepare for days that I am gone.

If you will look down at the bottom there are some dates with yellow. That is when I start working with Phil. And when that starts I will be gone for twenty-seven days straight. All this to say that I will have time to blog, but it will be sparse for a few days.

But while I am here I will say that I have noticed the $200 price drop in the iPhone. That’s weird huh?


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When something doesn’t sell like you want it to, you drop the price. People are not as happy with the iPhone as was hoped. I also noticed that they have a new 160-gig iPod coming out, at the same price I paid for my 80-gig seven months ago. That’s kind of annoying.

Comment by euphrony

Gee Brody what made you think people thought you were “slacking?”

I am glad you are spending time with your family, that is more important than writting a new blog entry.

And the iphone isn’t all that impressive. It is only because it has a fruit on it that people like it so much. A friend of mine who works at the Apple store here showed me his two nights ago…yep, just as I thought, it’s another over-priced telephone.

Comment by Shawn Bashor

hmmmm…if I can get you to stay out on the road long enough you might make enough to buy you and me both a new iphone….sweet!

Comment by Michael

euphrony! Seriously dude. You don’t have a freaking clue what you are talking about. Steve Jobs is a freaking marketing genius. Over 300,000 iphones sold in the first 24 hours. 1,000,000 will sell in the first three months of sales. YOU ARE RIGHT! Sounds like a dissappointment. Maybe you should watch Steve’s keynote before you sound to ignorant. I actually bought the iphone at $599.00. Am I frustrated that it is now $200.00 less? Hell no! It is awesome I am glad I bought it on opening day. If you are frustrated in new lower priced devices maybe apple is not for you. Maybe you should invest in the Zune. I am sure that will make you happy. Seriously!

Comment by Crowderisabadass

As for you Shawn. You obviously have not used or own an iphone. Once again guys. You look ignorant when you speak about things that you don’t know about.

I could say, hey Brody the Toyota Prius is the worst car ever. Brody might ask, Have you ever driven a Prius? No but I just don’t think they are very impressive.

Comment by Crowderisabadass

Don’t worry about paying the $599 for the 8-gig iPhone. You’ll be getting a $100 store credit. It seems that sufficient people were upset about the price drop so soon after release that, less than a day after announcing the drop, Jobs has been pressured by customers to offer this. And the fact that Apple’s stock is down because of this says that Wall Street sees it as a bad sign, not good.

Yes, Jobs is great at marketing. Problem is, he may have done too good a job here. Over-hyped and not living up to some basic technical expectations (at least in the first gen product), the iPhone has been found wanting by a significant portion of the market. Initial sales may have been great, but the price drop this quick tells you that they saw sales softening and needed to act to prepare for and encourage holiday buying.

Given, phone prices always drop fast in that tough market. But still, for a high-end smart phone like the iPhone, this is not a good sign. Where it will be in a year? I wouldn’t doubt if Jobs has the 2008 iPhone price competitive and debugged; but still limited by the AT&T tie-in and the fact that Corporate America by-in-large uses Microsoft at the office, meaning incompatibilities between mobile and office technology.

Comment by euphrony

Hey crowderisabadass are you angry about something? I love your little iphone, Steve jobs is my hero, happy now? By the way I own a PC with windows, a nokia cell phone, and a 27 inch TV that is like 5 years old and I am no where near as angry as you. Keep buying that crap I am sure it will make you happy…one day.

Comment by Shawn Bashor

Please keep defending defensless products. I will have to write one of my compassion international sponsies and let them know how to defend a product bought on the shelf that could have fed them for like a year. But hey that’s just me.

On a lighter note, I don’t kno you, but rest assured I do love you.

Comment by Shawn Bashor

You just can’t resist a good fight can you? Seriously, that’s some schedule! Tell Kristin to hang tough, and call me if she needs conversation that doesn’t center around what’s on Nickelodean.


Comment by Beth

Maybe you can keep Phil in line on his blog then? Haha.

Comment by Alymc

Wow, Brody, that’s pretty crazy. I hope it all goes smoothly for you.

Comment by Kat

Has anybody notified Crowder that he is, in fact, now considered a “badass?”

Comment by todd

I tried , Todd but my message hasn’t been returned.

Comment by brodyharper

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